About Lesley

Lesley N. Frascogna : Owner - Lover of Flowers - Designer

Lesley is the creative force behind TULIP. She is known for creating cohesive designs with a unique touch of whimsy and elegance. Her experience in many different aspects of the event world has organically grown into a deep understanding and appreciation of her clients' wants and needs. Before TULIP was born, Lesley put her passion for beautiful blooms into her first floral boutique, Roscoe Blooms in Chicago, IL. In 2008 Jackson, MS was lucky enough to welcome this floral innovator, when she moved to the area to be with her husband. Second only to her sweet little boy Frank, wonderful husband Marty, and her rambunctious pups, flowers are her passion. Lesley puts her heart and soul into creating one of a kind, unforgettable weddings and events. She believes that each flower, texture, smell, and color evokes a certain feeling, and she strives to artistically curate the aesthetic of each individual event. Lesley continues to make flowers her life’s work, creating truly unique experiences that showcase her passion.
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